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What is a fountain?

     A fountain is a natural or artificially created phenomenon that, with the help of pressure, flows out of the reservoir of water with a stream. There are natural, technogenic, decorative, fountain-crackers and musical fountains. Natural - known naturally formed fountains, called geysers. Technogenic - an artificially created fountain is a gushing oil well. Batteries from a variety of water fountains of hot water are used for its cooling in thermal power plants. Decorative - called a specific hydraulic engineering structure, usually performing a decorative function. Decorative fountains are classified according to various signs: in size and location - on street and interior (room and table). On decorative design - compositions that imitate in miniature natural landscapes or architectural structures; abstract compositions that do not have a pronounced "plot." Separately, one can consider classical and sculptural fountains. Fountain-cracker - a garden fountain with a comic surprise. Fountains-crackers were one of the elements of the ceremonial residences of the regular park style. Characteristic for architectural styles are Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo. A musical fountain is a type of fountain, having an aesthetic design and creating, in conjunction with music, an artistic representation. This effect is achieved through the intersection of water waves and light effects created by searchlights or lasers.