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What is a jacuzzi pool?

    Jacuzzi pool is a swimming pool in which there is an additional heated and underwater massage. The Jacuzzi is a small stationary bowl made from any frost-resistant material. Usually a jacuzzi is assigned to a small area in the pool. If the pool is stationary and its bowl is concrete, then the Jacuzzi system is worked out and laid in advance. And for the design of the common pool and pool-jacuzzi can be, as combined, and two separate bowls, which can be on one, or at different levels. It all depends on the desire and design. The nozzles for supplying air and water are placed in such a way that part of them is directed to the cervical section, the part to the lumbar and part to the legs. Also, the nozzles can be placed on the side walls of the bowl. This is necessary for a good relaxing effect. The functions can be located on the panel, or you can use the air button or remote control.