Max Dapra Heat Exchanger in stainless steel 

     Water/water heat exchanger features smooth coiled tubing in cross flow, with internal closed inner sheath and baffle plate for optimal primary energy intake, state of the art welding and top quality processing. Longevity of the device is guaranteeed thanks to the finishing of the material through staining, passivation and external electropolishing. These heat exchangers offer maximum energy efficiency at minimal pressure loss.  Like all coiled tubing heat exchangers, they must be integrated in the bathing water circuit of the pool either directly or through the bypass-system. Made in Italy

Max Dapra Plastic Heat Exchanger with stainless steel coil

    Water/water heat exchanger with coiled tubing in cross flow - unlike the smooth coiled tubing, the stainless steel, or respectively, the titanium-corrugated coiled tubing, offers high energy efficiency at low cost for material. The plastic casing can endure high pressure and is corrosion resistant. The individual components are sealed with silicon gaskets and ensure longevity of the whole heat exchanger. The cost-effectiveness and quality makes the titanium version especially attractive. Made in Italy

Max Dapra Plate Heat Exchanger bolted in stainless steel 

    These plate heat exchangers have been made to heat up bathing water with warm water. They are calculated at a temperature of 70 °C or 60 °C and have an operating range from 40 to 300 kW. Take advantage of the bolted plate heat exchangers, which feature high energy efficiency at low pressure loss, and are available in stainless steel AISI 316 or titanium. Made in Italy

Electric Heat Exchanger Classic in stainless steel  

   Electric Heat Exchangers from the D-EWTEvo line, with control thermostat 0-40 °C, safety thermostat 55 °C, flow control for slow water protection and highly corrosion proof heating rods made out of Incoloy 825,
are extremely versatile – to heat swimming pools, whirlpools, and similar facilities. To connect them to the water circuit, two new and innovative gluing sockets, D. 50, have been specifically developed. The flow control needs to be screwed into one of the two gluing sockets. This way, the flow control can be positioned at the entrance or the exit of the heat exchanger. Another advantage is that during maintenance or repair, the flow control doesn’t have to be removed and is protected in the piping. They work perfectly for permanent and mobile facilities. You can expect product longevity if the safety and installation instructions are
closely followed.

Macon swimming pool heat pumps

    Inverter technoligy makes swimming pool hrat pump achieve an extremely high CCP. Compared with normal heat pump in the market, inverter heat pump is of higher COP. Besides, the heating time is much shorter. It greatly saves energy and enable you to enjoy swimming without waiting for a long time. The product madi in China.


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