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Dry mixes

Glue for pvc, supplied by Heypar, is recommended as the top product for welding, PVC joints in hydraulic pools. Special adhesive for PVC joints under pressure installation. The temperature conditions at which the adhesive can be used are from -5 to 30 degrees. Made in Spain.

Superwhite cementitious adhesive, enhanced, with zero vertical slip and extended open time for the laying of ceramics and mosaics indoors and outdoors on flooring and walls.
Suitable for swimming pools, overlaying and heated flooring. Made in Russia

Technical Features

  • Colours: White

  • Mixing ratios: Water 35% (8.75 l per 25 kg sack)

  • Consumption (kg/m²): from 1.8 to 3.5 kg/m² - second coat 5 kg/m²

  • Storage time: 12 months inside the original packaging, in a dry place

  • Packaging: 25 kg sacks

Component ELASTOCEM A is a dry mixture based on cement, fractionated sand and special additives. Does not contain asbestos fibers. ELASTOCEM is used for waterproofing cement and concrete bases of various types in civil and industrial construction. For interior and exterior use. Made in Russia

Technical Features

  • Colours: Dark grey

  • Mixing ratios: part A (powder) 3 parts + part B (latex) 1 part

  • Consumption (kg/m²): f1.7 kg/m² per mm of thickness

  • Storage time: 12 months in original packaging in a dry place at a temperature not less than +5°C; the B component (liquid) is frost sensitive

  • Packaging: 24 kg sack

High performance cementitious grout for the grouting of joints from 1 to 6 mm wide between ceramic tiles. Made in Russia

Technical Features

  • Mixture life: approx. 2 hours

  • Consumption (kg/m²): *

  • Storage time: Grey and anthracite colours: 12 months (Dir.2003/53/EC-D.M. 10.05.04) / Other colours: 24 months inside the original packaging, in a dry place.

  • Packaging:  25 kg sack

Waterproofing Mapei Mapeelastik is a two-component cement-based agent with the addition of water-dispersible synthetic polymers, designed to protect against water and water from swimming pools, terraces, shower cabins, bathrooms, etc. Made in Russia

It is used for facing floors and walls with glass, ceramic and marble mosaic on paper or mesh, in swimming pools. Objects of application: Floors and walls, pools, paper or mesh, ceramic coatings, gypsum panels, wooden bases, linoleum, metal and PVC substrates, concrete substrates subject to internal stresses (aged less than 6 months), "warm floors". Made in Russia.

Technical Features

Composition: Cement, fractional sand, synthetic resins and special additives.

Consumption: 2-5 kg ​​/ m², 2 kg / m² (mosaic tile, spatula No. 4), 4-5 kg ​​/ m² (ceramic tile facing, spatula No. 5-6)

Consistency Powder, mixture: creamy.

Density: 1, 35 g / cm². StrengthDeformative ("Adhesilex P 10" + "Isolation" in a ratio of 1: 1 with water)

Color: White.

Mastics for waterproofing Weber.Tec - water-repellent semi-liquid composition of gray color, completely ready for use. It treats any mineral, including gypsum, surfaces before gluing them with facing tiles. Mastic forms an elastic waterproof layer, preventing rotting and the appearance of mold. It can be bought for processing floors and walls of premises with high humidity: a bathroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a balcony, a balcony.

Technical Features

Weight, kg: 8
Country of origin: Russia
Purpose: for a bathroom and a bathroom
Brand: Weber Vetonit
Area of application: bathrooms and toilets
Type: Mastic