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What is a overflow pool?

    The overflow basin is a pool in which water flows directly from the basin of the pool into the gutter, which stretches along the entire perimeter of the pool. This type of artificial reservoir looks very impressive: the water mirror is flush with the bumps (in fact, on a level with the floor). The construction of an overflow basin costs a little more than, for example, a swimming pool of a skimmer type. This is due to a special technical complexity, it consists in the fact that such a pool must be equipped with an additional technical room, it should be located in the basement below the water level. It is in this technical room that an additional container must be installed, into which water flows by gravity from the tray. The scheme of the overflow basin looks like this: the water flows over the edge and flows into the trough, which stretches along the entire perimeter of the pool. From the trough the water enters the overflow tank of the swimming pool, and from it into the filter unit. Here it is processed by various chemical reagents, which are necessary for its complete disinfection and bringing the acidity to the required pH-value. After filtration, heating and disinfection, water enters the pool through the bottom nozzles located evenly throughout the bottom.