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What is a public pool?

    A public swimming pool is a swimming pool in which a large number of people visit and takes a heavy load on the available capacity. The variety of public pools today is a mass. This is both splashing (for kids), swimming, sports, therapeutic (health), spa, etc. They can be stationary and collapsible, open and closed, classical concrete and modern plastic, overflow and skimmer, different in shape, size and depth. Obligatory technological equipment of the public pool includes water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation and filtration systems. All these systems are closely interrelated, and if their schemes are designed correctly and the installation is professionally carried out as required by public pools, hygiene and sanitation at a high level in such water bodies are provided - the water is clean and transparent, breathe easily (air humidity does not exceed the maximum permissible norms), there is no slime on the walls of the pool, and there are no streaks (condensation) on the windows and walls of the room. The public swimming pool plan may imply the presence of one or more bowls.