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     Skimmer pool is a pool in which the top layer of water is cleaned with the help of a skimmer device. Skimmer (skim) means "take off" (in this case - remove the upper layer of water). The withdrawal (removal) of water is exactly what happens with the help of skimmers - special drain devices and regulation of the water level in the pool. If in the overflow basin the water surface is at the same level with the bumps and bypass paths, then in the skimmer - below the bumps by 15-20-25 cm. The number of skimmers depends on the size and volume of the pool. The skimmer pool is cheaper than the overflow and is more suitable for private properties, i.e. initially implies a small size and volume. The device of the skimmer pool is simple: it is a bowl made of reinforced concrete, where all the necessary equipment is installed. The upper layer of water through the skimmers (square windows in the walls of the pool) and the bottom drain moves to the filter tank, where it is mechanically cleaned in a filter container. After that, it is heated and treated with chemical reagents. Then, the clean, prepared water is returned back to the pool through the supply nozzles. That's all. Brilliant and simple.

What is a skimmer pool?