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What is a Turkish hamam?

     Turkish bath hamam - the coolest of all existing types of baths and, at the same time, one of the most humid. The average temperature in the rooms of hamam rarely exceeds 35-50 ° C, but the humidity approaches absolute 100%. This "tropical" climate is very easily tolerated, allowing a person to relax and get the maximum effect from the procedures. Traditionally, all the surfaces of the Turkish bath, including sun beds, are made of marble. Under them passes a system of pipes with hot water, which is used as heating. Thus, initially a cold stone becomes a source of very pleasant, soft heat that spreads over the hammam. The only cold part of the Turkish bath is the ceiling, so condensation forms on it. So that it does not drip on those present in the bath, but flows down the walls, the ceiling is made in the form of a dome.