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What is a villa pool?

    The villa pool is a pool that is located in the country and is ideal for summer heat, and can also be of various types. These include: stationary pools, prefabricated (frame) pools, inflatable pools and plastic pools. The stationary pool can be concreted, tiled, or buried in plastic plastic (polypropylene) capacity. Such pools are strong and durable thanks to polypropylene, from which the bowl itself is made. Prefabricated (frame) pools can be dug in the ground or installed on the surface. Frame pools come in various shapes: round, oval, rectangular and so on. The structure is strong and durable. The advantage of an inflatable pool is the installation and cheapness. In addition, this model is mobile. In assembled and packed form it can easily fit in the trunk of a car. And this means that you can take it with you to a picnic or simply transfer them without problems from one site to another. Among the modern representatives of this category there are containers of very different volumes - from standard children's "paddlers" to large inflatable pools, designed for 20 tons of water.