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What is a waterfall?

     A decorative element and a functional, health-promoting device are the waterfall for the pool. First of all, they are used for aerating. It is well known that aeration (air saturation) of water improves the quality of the latter, the sense of comfort and safety of the users of the pool. The waterfall is equipped with a circulation pump of the appropriate type and power, as well as the necessary number of nozzles, the role of which is to draw water. The pneumatic button, by means of which the flow of water is switched on and off, is located in the surface of the pool bowl. The waterfall for the pool is an ornament that provides regular enjoyment of the hydromassage. A few moments spent under the streams of water in the pools, contribute to a great mood throughout the day. The powerful therapeutic effect that they exert is manifested in general strengthening of health, improving physical fitness, relieving stress, raising the mood. Thus, they perform not only entertaining, but also improving function.